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Today I got the most surprising emal ever. I have won a competition I am going to a professional kitchen. It is in London. I an going to be cooking for a few professional chef’s. I am so exited. 

by by see you soon


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LEON and cook5

HELLO! Sorry I haven’t been in touch recently but I have been doing allot of things though.
I have entered a competition on a website called cook5 by the people from Leon restaurants in london. I WON the first monthly prize for most liked dish and the prize (don’t say I was betting) was one hundred pounds! It made me feel astonished. Here is my dish:
This is a list of what I did with it
1. I gone to a very posh food shop when I was in Edinburgh and bought a vanilla pod

2. Got some food for a fancy dinner party

3. I had my friends round and made this:
MENU: crostini with cannelini beans/bruschetta topping; gnocchi with aubergine and tomato sauce; floating islands (but we had them the next night because we were all too tired). Floating islands are poached meringues in a vanilla custard. The starter was a Jamie recipe and I had used his alla norma sauce recipe on my home made gnocchi.

Erin and Nicole had helped a bit, Iain helped me with the gnocchi
Goody good goodbye

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Hello  Two days ago I went to a very fancy restaurant in edinburgh called The Kitchin

thats the link!
All the food I liked except one thing and that was a chicken jelly.
My starter was a ravioli  but with seafood inside it . It had a lemony sauce drizzled round it. Its green pasta
Then for mane course I ate plaice with squid and mussels and a buttery sauce.

then for dessert I had a giant soufflé with lemon and I LOVED  IT!

the best bit of it was meeting TOM KITCHIN. He is a very famous chef. He was reely  nice! I talked to him about cooking.

the day before I made his pasta with mussels.

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Mum’s birthday weekend

Hallo, this weekend has been mummys birthday weekend. I cooked melitzanes papoutsakia – it is aubergines with beef mince in tomato sauce stuffed in. It is topped with white sauce with cheese and egg. Here is the recipe:
Here is a video tutorial of me making it:
We also cooked a cake with chocolate and beetroot in it for my Mum’s birthday cake. The recipe was from a book that my mum got for her birthday, we did the heartache cake but with beetroot not aubergine:
Here is my mum blowing out her candles:

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